Southland Industries Receives Substantial Energy Rebate for New Facility

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – 18:30

Garden Grove, CA

Southland Industries, one of the nation’s largest design-build mechanical contractors, recently received a $52,018 rebate from local utility provider, Southern California Edison through the Savings by Design program. Southland’s new facility in Garden Grove, California was rewarded this substantial rebate for its ability to conserve natural resources through efficient design.
Administered by California utilities, the Savings by Design program encourages high-performance building design and construction through a variety of solutions in order to “demonstrate how we can live within our environmental means.”
Within Southland’s Southern California Campus, the resourceful combination of three new and innovative HVAC systems, including displacement ventilation, chilled beams, and fan-powered induction systems, along with a high efficiency chiller and condensing boiler, can be credited for lowering energy use. Overall, the building’s energy consumption was reduced by 28.5 percent, exceeding California Title 24 energy standard requirements.
After partnering with architectural firm LPA, Inc. and general contractor The PENTA Building Group, Southland was able to completely remodel the 42,000 square foot building within eight months. The cutting-edge Southern California Campus acts as a working showcase for Southland’s capabilities in energy efficient building design and construction.