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In the Conversations about Energy: Energy Resiliency Series, Mark Vilchuck, Senior Project Developer, and Steve Zip, Senior Account Executive, of Southland Energy dive deep into energy resiliency.

Throughout the videos, Mark and Steve use their expertise to define what energy resiliency means across different industries, share its true costs, explain how to drive resiliency using third party financing, discuss O&M cost savings, and provide real-life resiliency project examples.

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Whether due to significantly aged building systems and infrastructure or an unmanageable deferred maintenance backlog, facilities struggling with inefficiency and steadily rising utility costs need immediate attention. As time goes on, these issues only grow in cost and significance, making your interior spaces more uncomfortable, and your sustainability and carbon reduction goals more difficult to meet. With limited capital and little internal support staff, this process can be extremely daunting.

That’s where Southland Energy comes in. By developing holistic utility solutions that decrease costs from electrical, gas, water and waste, we will help you drive down operating costs and make your facilities more energy-efficient now and well into the future.

With extensive experience self-executing design-build projects, our team of engineers and construction professionals can offer reliable pre-construction services, cost-certainty, decreased safety risk, and lower overall costs by eliminating much of the margin stacking that occurs when large, multi-party teams (often, without internal resources) are involved. Our integrated approach, which also includes building technology and facility services experts, results in higher value outcomes with sole accountability, on-time project delivery, and vendor neutrality.

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Energy Efficiency:
Doing the Same with Less

Unpredictable utility bills, high demand charges, poor control of building systems, and an inability to meet sustainability goals can all be signs of energy inefficiencies. In many cases, outdated or improperly maintained building systems, equipment and infrastructure can be a root cause of inefficiency— but, so can lacking a long-term facilities operations strategy.

Taking measures to use less energy to accomplish the same tasks is the first step toward optimizing your energy use. With improved efficiency comes reduced energy consumption and opportunities for more effective renewable and distributed energy generation.

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Infrastructure Renewal:
Lasting Benefits for Your Business and the Environment

Failing systems that impact daily operations, as well as mission critical functions, can lead to rising operations and maintenance costs. In the face of constant pressure to do more with less in your facility, equipment maintenance and replacement can often go overlooked and lead to much higher costs in the long run. Infrastructure renewal, which implements a strategy for updating energy-draining systems and equipment headed for failure, is an investment that can deliver lasting benefits for your business and the environment. Read more +

Implementing Renewable Energy Increases Autonomy

From solar and wind to battery storage and small scale hydro technology, renewable energy is one of the best ways to meet both your utility- and carbon-reduction goals. Facing the vast number of technology and vendor choices and properly calculating the return on investment, however, can be quite overwhelming without the correct expertise.

Approaching your project with complete vendor neutrality, Southland Energy takes a comprehensive view of how renewables fit into your total energy picture and identifies the best options to meet your unique priorities. Beginning with a complimentary cursory audit, we ensure your energy generation system is sized correctly and that our approach incorporates the most appropriate energy efficiency and demand response measures for your facility.

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Water Conservation

A lack of organizational commitment to conserve water can lead to high water prices, as well as fines and penalties for inefficient water usage, not to mention the ethical and social effects for business.

With in-house expertise spanning financial analytics, plumbing engineering, cost-estimating, construction and prefabrication, commissioning and service, Southland Energy can self-perform the unique water conservation solution that suits you. These comprehensive efforts will sustainably manage your quality, consumption, recycling and reuse — all while directly impacting your bottom line.

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