Modeling Accurate Electric Rate Tariffs

Article | Utilities Tech Outlook

Maureen McDonald, Director of Energy Services, and Roxanne Fong, Director of Utility Programs, share their expertise on how to develop a comprehensive energy project with accurate electric rate tariff models for Utilities Tech Outlook. The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed to revise net energy metering tariffs, making modeling the correct charges from interval data imperative.  

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Energy Efficiency for the City of Chico – Sustainable Solutions Turnkey Program

Article | City of Chico

The City of Chico, CA, in partnership with Southland Energy and PG&E, participated in the Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) program. The SST program implements energy-saving projects at facilities and uses the expenses saved from the energy reduction and maintenance costs to pay for the design and construction of the projects.  

The Chico City Council authorized the execution of Phase I and determined the wastewater treatment plant was the largest consumer of energy for the city and therefore the main focus of Phase I. Energy conservation measures completed in Phase I of the SST program include installing new diffuser pads in basin 4, installing new neuros blowers, upgrading controls, air handling units (AHU), and thermostats, expanding building automation systems (BAS), reconditioning HVAC units, and replacing the south condenser unit.

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2021 Energy Exchange

Event | Virtual Event

August 2–6, 2021

Southland Energy is hosting a booth at the 2021 Energy Exchange, a virtual training event featuring exhibitor booths and live sessions from industry leaders that cover topics regarding the present and future of efficient, resilient, secure, and sustainable energy and water solutions.

Southland Energy’s experts are also participating in live sessions:

The Future High Energy Intensity Facility: Data Centers, Hospitals, and Labs

Monday, August 2, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. |Live Session

Nello Tortora, Director, Federal Programs | Session Lead

Peter Pobjoy, Senior Vice President, Engineering | Panelist/Speaker

Efficient, Sustainable, and Resilient DoD Installations

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. | Live Session

Nello Tortora, Director, Federal Programs | Session Lead/Moderator

Mark Vilchuck, Senior Project Developer | Panelist/Speaker

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Renewable Energy: Fort Riley

Article | USA Today Special Edition U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

With an emphasis on renewable energy, Southland Energy along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers incorporated energy conservation measures from 11 technology categories in over 445 facilities. With some buildings dating back more than 130 years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leveraged their unique expertise to recommend products and determine installations to provide the highest levels of energy-savings upgrades. Some of the improvements included, LED lighting, water fixtures, HVAC, controls, expanding the existing Energy Management Control System (EMCS), infrared heating systems, direct exchange system coil treatment and restoration, building envelope improvements, and retro commissioning.

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Microgrids: A Modern Solution for American’s 100-Year-Old Utility Monopoly

Article | Energy Tech Review

Previously just used during power outages, microgrids are now acquiring a new cluster of customers. These customers are looking to ensure continuous electricity regardless of the weather or unforeseen events by using distributed energy resources (DERs) and microgrids. Technology has been evolving for years and is now revolutionizing the energy sector. Although microgrids control just a slice of generation in relation to overall traditional electric generation, they are being built with velocity. Southland Energy’s Roxanne Fong, Director of Utility Programs, and Maureen McDonald, Director of Energy Services, share their insight on how microgrids can be a solution for America’s aging energy infrastructure.

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Energy Program Leads to Fort Riley Energy Efficiency Award

Article | U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Huntsville Center’s Energy Savings and Performance Contracting program incorporates the Department of Defense Risk Management Framework process to achieve an Authority to Operates for Fort Riley’s Energy Management Control System, allowing for enhanced monitoring and adjustment of facility operations. Southland Energy with the U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley used the Huntsville acquisition tool resulting in the installation receiving the Army’s Energy Efficiency 2020 Project of the Year Award.

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Conversations about Energy: Energy Resiliency Series

Video | Conversations about Energy

In the Conversations about Energy: Energy Resiliency Series, Mark Vilchuck, Senior Project Developer, and Steve Zip, Senior Account Executive, of Southland Energy dive deep into energy resiliency.

Throughout the videos, Mark and Steve use their expertise to define what energy resiliency means across different industries, share its true costs, explain how to drive resiliency using third party financing, discuss O&M cost savings, and provide real-life resiliency project examples.

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Addressing Military Treatment Facility and Sustainment and Resilience Needs through Energy Savings Performance Contracts

The Big Room

The sustainment, restoration, and modernization (SRM) of Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) is paramount for the upcoming transition to one system managed by the Defense Health Agency (DHA). Thomas “T.W.” Williams of Southland Energy explains how this transition and critical funding challenges can be solved through third party financing Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) or Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESCs). 

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