American Rescue Plan Act: Treasury Guidance for State & Local Governments

On-Demand Webinar 

With new guidance, varying funding allocations for state and local governments, and usage implications, Southland Energy’s Maureen McDonald, Director of Energy Services, breaks down the American Rescue Plan Act regarding your energy and infrastructure projects. 

In this on-demand webinar, Maureen shares an overview of the plan, how to use the funding allocations, and provides insight on what it specifically means for wastewater treatment facilities. Get the latest American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act guidance on demand so you can utilize your funds by the deadlines: 

    • Learn more about funding allocations
    • Discover how to use ARP funds 
    • Understand uses and implications for wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure by diving deep into the:
      • Clean Water State Revolving Fund
      • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 
    • Review the process for using your allocated funds  

Conversations about Energy: Energy Resiliency Series

Video | Conversations about Energy

In the Conversations about Energy: Energy Resiliency Series, Mark Vilchuck, Senior Project Developer, and Steve Zip, Senior Account Executive, of Southland Energy dive deep into energy resiliency.

Throughout the videos, Mark and Steve use their expertise to define what energy resiliency means across different industries, share its true costs, explain how to drive resiliency using third party financing, discuss O&M cost savings, and provide real-life resiliency project examples.

To learn more, click here.