Jeff Ratliff

Director of Field Operations

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As the Director of Field Operations for Southland Energy, Jeff Ratliff is responsible for the execution and implementation of Southland Energy construction projects across the country.

His attention to detail allows him to ensure each project is delivered in a timely fashion, installed with quality, and is delivered at or below the anticipated budget. Mr. Ratliff continuously strives to keep his staff challenged, content, and diligent while performing at the highest level within the industry.

Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, Mr. Ratliff focuses on the necessary steps for a successful project lifecycle from conception to completion, as well as collaborating and listening to the customer’s needs to exceed expectations. His extensive knowledge of various markets, including the federal government, higher education, and K-12 school has aided him on significant projects, like Fort Riley, Fort Hunter-Liggett, St. Anne’s Belfield School, and Randolph Macon Academy.

Mr. Ratliff received his degree in business administration from Trend Business College in Seattle, became a certified electrician from IEC Southern Colorado, and is a certified LEED Green Associate.

"What motivates me?"

“I feel extremely fortunate to work in an industry which allows me to make a difference on so many levels.  We reduce the carbon footprint on the earth, we help provide a means to improve the facilities conditions where the client may not have been able to afford the improvements without our system in place. New infrastructure for schools, hospitals, military bases and more.  We make the conditions better while reducing energy.  It’s a real win win!”

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