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Director, Strategic Initiatives

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As the Director, Strategic Initiatives for Southland Energy, Ken Robinson is responsible for developing and rolling out processes and tools to streamline how Southland executes various tasks. His overall goal is to create efficient processes to deliver the best solution to each client.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Robinson has a broad background in technical, project management, sales, and operations roles which have allowed him to integrate different viewpoints to qualify, develop, and execute projects. His wide breadth of knowledge regarding various markets, like higher education, state and local government, and the federal government, has aided him on notable projects, including Fort Riley and Pomona Unified School District.

Mr. Robinson received an engineering technology degree in robotics and industrial automation from Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology.

"What motivates me?"

“Having worked for many of our competitors, the biggest differentiators of Southland are the fact that we self-perform a huge portion of the work (thus avoiding stacked markups) and we have a stunning range and depth of technical expertise across the company into which the Energy group can tap.  Connected Solutions isn’t just a marketing slogan; by leveraging ALL of the divisions, Southland Energy can create solutions that are simply better than our competitors, done at lower cost.  It’s a powerful value proposition.”

Big Ideas

See the latest innovations and big ideas our experts are sharing. 

From lowering utility bills to modernizing buildings, reducing maintenance costs and improving the building environment for occupants, an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) ...

The term “cybersecurity” typically conjures up images of digital warfare between implacable hackers bent on world domination and stalwart IT defenders determined to protect critical national defense and financial systems.

At Southland, we use the term “Connected Solutions” to refer to our unique approach to delivering a full-service offering to our customer.

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Our projects save more than they cost. Guaranteed.

With guaranteed performance, quality, and savings, the question isn’t how can you afford to partner with Southland Energy?  It’s how can you afford not to?

No size fits all.

At Southland,we recognize every client is different.  That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique operational goals.

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