Maureen McDonald

Director, Energy Services

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As Director of Business Development, Ms. McDonald is responsible for developing relationships with clients across the United States to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability initiatives. 

With more than 35 years of experience in the engineering field and nearly 20 specifically as an energy professional, Ms. McDonald’s immense depth of knowledge has been instrumental in the development of a variety of custom-designed energy solutions for our clients. These solutions not only increased overall energy efficiency, but also reduced operational expenses and improved the bottom line.   

Ms. McDonald earned her bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University. She also holds an MBA from University of Colorado, as well as master’s degrees in both Environmental Policy and Metallurgical Engineering, from University of Denver and University of Pittsburgh, respectively.

"What motivates me?"

“I find my job very exciting. Southland Energy allows me to bring the capabilities of the entire Southland Industries organization to bear on a client’s specific needs. I love trying to figure out what their total need is, not just their apparent need, and coming up with a solution.”

Big Ideas

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It is not unusual for clients to have less capital than needed to accomplish all their infrastructure upgrade needs.

With the global pandemic currently affecting nearly every industry, energy projects, needs, and consumption are being brought to the forefront of discussions within the education sphere.

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