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Whether you’re responsible for the operation of a university, hospital, manufacturing plant or military base, the question isn’t if you need to make critical capital infrastructure improvements. It’s how are you going to fund them? This is precisely where Southland Energy can help.

By leveraging the best financial tools and resources available, we develop guaranteed solutions that allow us to make your improvements with no risk and little to no upfront capital. In fact, they can immediately put money back in your budget, reduce your operating expenses and make your facilities not just more energy efficient, but also more energy resilient now and well into the future.

Southland Energy has significant financial and legal expertise, including experience with various energy financial solutions and programs and tools that help deliver the type of analytics required for funding. Our in-house team of capable energy engineers knows what goes into the development and execution a healthy energy project—and is more likely to attract investors since we are backed by the credible build experience and reputation of Southland Industries.

Because we are not a broker or bank, we fully support you in acquiring the most cost-effective solution that maximizes funding sources. We combine our experience with tax credits and extensive knowledge of state and federal grants and loan programs with our self-performance model to ensure you achieve the greatest impact possible, addressing more needs for your facilities, for your budget.

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Our Expertise

Energy Savings Performance Contracting

As a qualified ESCO, our goal is to deliver customized energy solutions that help you overcome significant energy challenges. Through our in-house design-build-operate-maintain expertise, coupled with the utilization of various creative financing options, we increase efficiency, reduce utility consumption, and lower overall energy costs. Delivering guaranteed, performance-based solutions, our energy professionals sustainably improve your facility’s bottom line.

Energy Services Agreements

When your facilities need energy services, but you cannot pay for the associated upfront costs out of pocket, an energy services agreement may be a viable option. Whether you lack the upfront funding needed for the project, or simply desire a portfolio approach and need to avoid risk, you will see savings from the first day of your energy conservation measures through their effective lifetime.

Design, Build, Own, Operate & Maintain (DBOOM)

Design, build, own, operate and maintain (DBOOM) project finance is a powerful tool that relieves you of the burden of finding money to fund construction and maintenance of major items like new or rebuilt central plants. By having Southland take on these tasks, you can preserve your capital to better fund your organization’s core mission. Payments can also be structured as operating expenses, reducing or eliminating a project’s impact on your debt capacity and further enhancing your bottom line. Throughout the process, Southland retains responsibility for the design and performance of the system, leaving you free to focus on running your organization, not your plant.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

With the potential to fund your new heating and cooling systems, lighting improvements, solar panels, water pumps, and insulation, amongst other things, property assessed clean energy (PACE) can be a simple and effective way to finance your next energy efficiency, renewable energy, or water conservation project. In many instances, PACE can be used to finance your resiliency improvements, too.

Third-Party Financing

Every client is unique, but a common theme is the need to source capital for infrastructure improvements. The highly specialized nature of energy project finance can look intimidating, but Southland makes it easy. We work closely with you to fully define the financing environment, with emphasis on identifying all potential funding and financing sources and crafting the optimal deal structure to meet your cash flow and accounting requirements. Typically, projects are structured to create positive cash flow from Day 1. Depending on your requirements, Southland can work with your preferred lender, partner with a trusted financier, or conduct a detailed procurement process to select a lender. In all cases, you can be confident that third party financing is provided at highly competitive rates.

AB 841

The air you breathe matters — and when planning to safely reopen schools, clean air, proper ventilation, and compliant equipment matters even more with children’s health at stake. AB 841 is a robust funding mechanism that provides underserved California schools with grant money to perform HVAC assessments, repairs, and upgrades.

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Our projects save more than they cost. Guaranteed.

With guaranteed performance, quality, and savings, the question isn’t how can you afford to partner with Southland Energy?  It’s how can you afford not to?

No size fits all.

At Southland, we recognize every client is different. That’s why we tailor our solutions to your unique operational goals.