Southland Energy Selected as Member of Qualified Energy Audit Firms List by the Oregon Department of Energy

Portland, OR

September 25, 2020 — Southland Energy recently announced that it has been selected as a member of the Qualified Energy Audit Firms List by the Oregon Department of Energy and is now able to perform energy audits through the Oregon Department of Energy for public K–12 schools. 

In Oregon, school districts are encouraged to ensure that any energy audit firm selected to complete work is qualified to perform the requested, specific audit services in order for the school district to be eligible for reimbursement through allocated funds. As a qualified ESCO, Southland Energy is able to perform work in partnership with local Southland companies, TCM and Envise, providing energy audit services for Oregon schools.  

“This is an exciting opportunity for Southland Energy and our other Southland Companies, TCM and Envise, to support the energy needs of the public schools in Oregon. The goal is to reduce energy usage and save money all the while improving the work environment where the students can thrive,” said Dan Heichelbech, President of TCM. 

Southland Energy is a member of the Qualified Energy Audit Firm List until October 31, 2022. For all Oregon-related, state projects, please contact Trevor Marugg, Senior Account Consultant, at or 503.488.1780.  

About TCM

Founded in 1953 and acquired in 2014, TCM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland Industries and one of the Northwest’s largest Mechanical and Plumbing systems experts offering a “One Team,” “Connected Solutions” approach.

About Envise

As a building management systems integrator, Envise unites analytics, building automation, and equipment lifecycle management. Resulting in higher building performance, the organization’s integrated, data-driven approach helps improve facilities throughout the building lifecycle. Helping to manage both facilities and budgets, the knowledgeable experts at Envise form long-term, collaborative partnerships to meet customers’ goals and deliver customized building solutions.

About Southland Energy

As a division of Southland Industries, Southland Energy is a comprehensive energy services firm with roots in one of the nation’s leading MEP building systems firms. With the ability to self-perform energy services work through its distinctive design-build-operate-maintain expertise, Southland Energy works with clients to increase efficiency, reduce utility consumption, and lower overall energy costs. Using various creative financing options, Southland Energy’s certified energy professionals deliver guaranteed performance-based solutions that sustainably improve each facility’s bottom line. 

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