Taking Design-Build Further: Southland’s Connected Solutions

At Southland, we use the term “Connected Solutions” to refer to our unique approach to delivering a full-service offering to our customer. But what does this term really mean and how does it allow us to deliver a better value and higher quality results for the projects we take on?

Let’s take a look at how the engineering and construction industry has traditionally operated. Historically, large mechanical projects occurred inside a conventional design-bid-build context. That is, an owner would hire an architect and engineer to design a project, then put that out for bids to construct it. While this still makes sense for some work and remains a popular approach, it brings with it some inefficiencies largely due to the fact that the people envisioning a project and the people executing that vision are kept at a distance. This can mean a project that costs more than intended, work that isn’t accurately translated from the plans to the physical world, or ideas that look better on paper than they do in practice.

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